Our 28 acres of rolling pastures are connected and open to allow our mixed herd to move between  fields at their leisure (barring any extreme weather conditions when pastures may be divided for the  safety of the horses). Pastures include  multiple automatic waterers, run-in sheds, access to Winter’s  Run river, and many acres of grass. Our pastures are regularly mowed, fencing is checked daily, and  the run-ins are kept clean and safe for your horse.
     Horses are brought in twice daily to feed and check for injuries/illness. Our staff will administer  medication, apply/change bandages, and consult with our veterinarian (or yours), as needed.
     Whether field or stall boarded, at Capall Milis Stables your horse will receive daily attention from  our knowledgeable staff.  The owner lives on the premises and manages all daily duties on the farm.
Field Board
Stall Board
 Stall-boarded horses enjoy turn-out with our herd for  about 12 hours/day, weather permitting. Our 12x10  matted box stalls are cleaned daily and cushioned with  pelleted bedding. Horses have constant access to fresh  water and a slow-feed haynet filled with quality hay.
 Our field board features 24-hour turn-out on 28 acres,  with access to shelter, automatic waterers, twice-daily  feedings in the barn, and daily checks for injury or  illness. High-quality hay is provided in the winter.
** Stall board is currently still available! **
Contact us today - Space is limited!
Boarding your horse at Capall Milis Stables includes:
  • 12x10 matted box stalls with pelleted bedding, cleaned daily
  • Automatic waterers in each field
  • Feeding up to 3x daily with administration of supplements/medications (provided by owner)
  • High-quality Timothy and Orchardgrass hay 
  • Daily turnout for stall boarders (day turnout in winter, night turnout in summer)
  • Rotational deworming program
  • Blanketing in the winter/Fly sheets in the summer
  • Holding for our farrier and vet (vaccinations and coggins)
  • Daily monitoring of horse’s health and wellness
  • Personalized care from knowledgeable staff
  • Designated space in our climate-controlled tack room
  • Use of all facilities and amenities
  • Horse trailer parking
Capall Milis Stables offers a customized feeding program for each individual horse. We know that one type of feed does not work for all horses, so we work closely with their vet and owner to determine which feed will work best for the horse, based on the horse’s nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, work level, and body weight.